Halihl Hodeidah


My name is Halihl Hodeidah. I have come all the way from Morocco to Munich to see how you live here. I walked all the way from the Atlas Mountains, swam across the Mediterranean, crossed the Alps and chose the Residenz in Munich as my new home. Your way of life is so different to ours: I think you should relax more and enjoy your life rather than working all the time. Come and visit me in the Hofgarten and I will teach you how to be lazy! You are more than welcome to sit on my back. I am made entirely by hand from cotton linen, stitched with blue and golden thread and filled with the finest sheep’s wool. My blanket, made from jacquard lamé, has a rich, cotton velvet border and is embroidered with rhinestones and pearls. All my tassels are designed just for me. I am unique. You can order me, but all my relatives will be slightly different.

Length: 140 cm
Height: 85 cm
Weight: 7 kg

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