Theo & Artemis


Hello everybody above and below sea level. I’m Theo and my home is the warm Indian Ocean. My little baby and I prefer the coastline of Mauritius, where the water is crystal clear and the sea is full of friends and relatives. We get on very well with the Mauritians: they are kind people and leave us in peace. We are famous for our colourful scales and bright fins and sometimes we dive down hundreds of metres to find beautiful treasures. My dream is to fly away one day and see the world from the sky. My skin is made of cotton velvet and I have cotton scales. My stomach is filled with pure sheep’s wool. Little Theodoro is particularly beautiful. He’s decorated with tiny fish made from real silver and filled with fragrant lavender. Sometimes I hug him and then he snuggles down into my pocket and goes to sleep. With me you can be sure your sofa will be like the Indian Ocean.

Length: 100 cm
Width: 50 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

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